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This site is an initiative of Uitgeverij CocoBooks, a publishing company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Its main contributer is Pim Christiaans.

About Pim

‘I love life, so it would be great to stay young in body and mind until I am 100, at least. That wish is not entirely unrealistic, because medical science is developing rapidly and there are more and more possibilities to slow down the ageing process. Therapies and medicines that literally make you younger are even appearing on the horizon.’

‘Those who want to benefit from this revolution now must be ahead of their time. It often takes ten to twenty years for important new medical knowledge to filter through to society. Why wait so long? I have no time to lose and I want to take full advantage of the best anti-ageing options as soon as they become available.’

Pim Christiaans (1959) graduated from the school of journalism in Utrecht in 1982.  Since then, he has written a long series of articles for various magazines about health and longevity. Pim has been involved as an editor and chief editor in several (health) magazines and has written a series of books on health.


Pim Christiaans